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Rochdale child abuse victims 'could have been protected'

A major review has found police and social workers failed six girls who were sexually abused in Rochdale between 2007 and 2010. But the Department of Education said the report "does not meet the standards of transparency and sharp analysis."

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Abuse victim: Police 'are still not doing their job'

One of the victims of the abuse in Rochdale has spoken about her disappointment that she was ignored by police when she complained that a man had exposed himself to her in 2005 and that men who were a part of the abuse were still free.

The anonymous victim told ITV News that some of the men who abused her were still free and walking the streets of Rochdale: "the police just need to go do their job proper (sic). They weren't doing it in 2005 and they still aren't doing it now."

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