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Britain to help destroy chemicals in Syrian stockpile

The government said it has agreed to dismantle chemicals used to make Syrian weapons, and will destroy 150 tonnes of two industrial-grade chemicals at a commercial facility

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Delicate international effort to destroy Syria's weapons

The global chemical weapon's watchdog has released some details of its destruction plan for Syria's chemical weapons. The delicate plan will require an internationally co-ordinated effort and will see China, Russia, the US, the UK, Norway, Finland and Denmark work together.

  • Russian armoured trucks will help take the weapons and chemicals used to make weapons out of the country, tracked by US satellite equipment, and Chinese surveillance cameras
  • When the vehicles reach Latakia, the cargo will be loaded on to Danish and Norwegian cargo ships
  • Russia will provide sailors and naval vessels to move the cargo at Latakia and inside Syrian waters
  • The UK will provide a Royal Navy Vessel to assist the ship in international waters
  • The chemicals will be destroyed on board a specially adapted US ship
  • China will send a military ship to protect the US ship destroying the weapons
  • The UK has then agreed to destroy the chemicals that would make the weapons

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) previously announced that all declared equipment and sites for producing chemical weapons in Syria were rendered unusable.

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The OPCW had set itself a deadline of December 31 for the most dangerous chemicals to be taken out of Syria, but this may be pushed back.

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