Fans and cricketers shocked at Swann's retirement


What? Swann's quit too, before the series is even finished? Australia must be laughing their heads off. This is so embarrassing. #Ashes

Cricketer Graeme Swann's snap retirement from the England team during the Ashes tour has drawn shocked reactions on Twitter, with Piers Morgan calling the move "embarrassing" and saying the Australian team "must be laughing their heads off".

Former England batsman and bowler Paul Collingwood said "I can't believe it", while commentator Jonathan Agnew said the move was "unexpected".


General feeling was that this might be Swann’s last tour, but this unexpected. Massive contribution to England success and true character

Swann has left the England team after they suffered three successive defeats on their Ashes tour to Australia.


Swann's gran blames retirement on 'nasty' Aussie

The grandmother of retired England spin bowler Graeme Swann has blamed his decision on a "certain" Australian cricketer, adding: "He is not easily upset, there is something nasty happened."