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Britain 'can absorb new European migrants'

The Government should be preparing for the impact Bulgarian and Romanian migrants will have on schools and housing instead of alarming the public and announcing "symbolic gestures", a new report has said

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Immigration reduction 'would hurt UK economy'

Britain's economy will be billions of pounds worse off if the Conservatives meet their target of getting annual net immigration below 100,000, a report has warned.

Keeping immigration numbers in five figures would slash 11 percent - or about £165 billion - off UK GDP by the year 2060, said the National Institute for Economic and Social Research think tank.

The report said the UK could be worse off by about £2,600 per person by 2060. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

It said national finances would be hit because immigrants tend to be younger than the national average and can fill gaps in the labour force left by Britain's ageing population, while consuming less than the average Briton in public services.

The report's co-author Katerina Lisenkova said: "Unfortunately, very often on this issue opinions trump evidence."

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