Michael Vaughan replies to Graeme Swann's swipe

Former England captain Michael Vaughan said he agrees with former team mate Graeme Swann that "some players are getting ahead of themselves", but inferred the timing of his comments was a mistake.


So @swannyg66 says some England players heads are up their own Arse???? Which ones exactly??


I agree with @swannyg66 that some players are getting ahead of themselves but I don't think he should have said it the day after retiring...


We all make mistakes @swannyg66 .. I make plenty ... I am afraid on this occasion you have made one ...


Swann's gran blames retirement on 'nasty' Aussie

The grandmother of retired England spin bowler Graeme Swann has blamed his decision on a "certain" Australian cricketer, adding: "He is not easily upset, there is something nasty happened."