Swann blasts 'low forms of journalism' over gran quotes

Recently-retired England spinner Graeme Swann has attacked "some low forms of journalism" for "preying" on his 90-year-old grandmother.

Mina Swann's comments to Newcastle's Journal newspaper were widely quoted in the English and Australian media.


I've heard of some low forms of journalism before but preying on my 90 yr old gran? Hang your head in shame the low life responsible


As if I've even spoken to my gran about this. Pathetic. And those of you insulting her are not worthy of the air you breathe

Mina Swann: 'There is something gone wrong and I blame the Australian players'


Swann's gran blames retirement on 'nasty' Aussie

The grandmother of retired England spin bowler Graeme Swann has blamed his decision on a "certain" Australian cricketer, adding: "He is not easily upset, there is something nasty happened."