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Five Brits held over Arctic protest arrive back in UK

Five of the six British people arrested over a Greenpeace protest against oil drilling in the Arctic have arrived in London after being allowed to leave Russia.

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Freed activist says ordeal was definitely 'worth it'

A British man released from a Russian jail has said his ordeal "was definitely worth it" and that he would return to the country if needed.

Anthony Perrett, 32, will arrive in London today along with four other Britons after being held for over two months in a Russian jail after protesting against an Arctic offshore oil rig in September.

"It's been a very long 100 days. I'm quite eager to get back to Wales and sleep in my own bed and get back to work," he told BBC Radio 4's Today as he prepared to board the flight to the UK.

Anthony Perrett, from Newport in South Wales, who will today return home to the UK. Credit: PA Wire

"The existence of humanity on the planet - what price can you put on that?," he said, insisting he would feel the same if he had been convicted and served a long jail term.

The 32-year-old said while the activists had not been mistreated, the facility they were held in was like a concentration camp.

"We weren't treated like prisoners of war. It had very much the razor wire and the barbed wire and the reinforcing bar which made up the cages. It had the aesthetic of a concentration camp, not the conditions of."

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