'La Quenelle': Controversial gesture investigated by FA

Nicholas Anelka is being investigated by the FA after he made a gesture widely viewed as anti-semitic in France during goal celebrations in Upton Park today.

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The gesture involves pointing one straightened arm downward whilst touching that arm's shoulder with the opposite hand, and has been condemned by Jewish groups as a "Nazi salute in reverse."

The gesture was invented by Anelka's friend and controversial French comedian Dieudonne.

It is defended as being anti-establishment but authorities are considering banning it in France and French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said he is considering banning performances by the comedian altogether.


Anelka agrees not to repeat 'anti-semitic' gesture

Nicolas Anelka has agreed not to perform a controversial goal celebration again which was widely considered anti-semitic in France, a statement released by his club West Bromwich Albion said