Nicolas Anelka defends goal celebration

Nicolas Anelka has taken to Twitter to defend his controversial goal celebration in a Premier League match yesterday, saying it had nothing to do with religion and was not racist.

West Brom striker Anelka, who made the "quenelle" gesture after scoring against West Ham, tweeted: "I am neither racist nor anti-Semitic."


Signification de quenelle: anti-système. Je ne sais pas ce que le mot religion vient faire dans cette histoire !

He added: "The meaning of quenelle is anti-system. I do not know what religion has to do with this story.

"With regard to the ministers who give their own interpretations of my quenelle, they are the ones that create confusion and controversy without knowing what it really means. I ask people not to be duped by the media."

The Football Association are investigating the gesture, which is considered by some in France as being anti-Semitic.


Anelka agrees not to repeat 'anti-semitic' gesture

Nicolas Anelka has agreed not to perform a controversial goal celebration again which was widely considered anti-semitic in France, a statement released by his club West Bromwich Albion said