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Curbs lifted for Romanians and Bulgarians

A change to the rules in 2014 will allow Bulgarian and Romanian migrants to work in the UK from today. Some newspapers are warning of an influx of thousands of migrants.

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'250k Balkan migrants' expected in UK over five years

Experts predict 250,000 Romanian and Bulgarian migrants will move the UK over the next five years when restrictions on entry to the UK are lifted on January 1.

According to a report by Migration Watch UK:

  • A Romanian with two children and a spouse on the average wage in their home country will take home £4,000 after tax
  • A Bulgarian in the same circumstance will take home £3,800
  • Even if they were still on half the average Romanian or Bulgarian wage, that worker will be six times better off in the UK
  • They are three times better off in Spain or Italy
  • Germany is the "most attractive destination" as it has a low unemployment rate and large number of vacancies

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