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Michael Schumacher being brought out of coma

Michael Schumacher's family has confirmed that sedation of the former Formula One champion has been reduced to allow the 'start of the waking up process'. Schumacher suffered a serious head injury following a skiing accident in December.

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David Coulthard writes in praise of Schumacher

British former racing driver David Coulthard has said he believes Michael Schumacher's recent accident has provided "long-overdue recognition" for the German Formula One driver.

I only hope and pray that he pulls through to see what nice things people have been saying about him ...

This skiing crash has connected Michael to the rest of us on a human level once and for all. Here is a father, like any other, his wife and children at his bedside praying for him to pull through. It is something to which we can all relate.

The awful thing is that so often it takes something like this before we say what we truly feel about someone.

– david coulthard, former formula one driver

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