FA equality board member's 'regret' over gay remarks

Former footballer Michael Johnson, who was recently appointed to the FA's Inclusion Advisory Board (IAB), has expressed "deep regret" over a TV appearance in which he said homosexuality was "detestable".

"Because of my beliefs, because of the Bible that I read, in the Bible it does state that homosexuality is detestable unto the Lord," he told the BBC's Nicky Campbell in 2012 while refusing to back an anti-homophobia campaign.

In a statement to the Guardian newspaper tonight, Johnson, now 40, said: "I was invited on to the programme in March 2012 to talk about my faith.

"I was not prepared for the question and it is with deep regret that I answered it in the way I did back then. It was wrong and relates to a view I no longer hold."

IAB chair Heather Rabbatts said she accepted Johnson's regret over the comments and acknowledged that "through his own personal journey he has a huge amount to offer to the Inclusion Advisory Board."