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US temperatures set to plummet to record lows

Parts of America and Canada are experiencing near record-breaking low temperatures from a severe winter storm that has claimed at least 16 lives.

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'Chiberia' residents battle frigid cold temperatures

Chicago residents braved the outdoors today as a blast of Arctic air grips the mid-section of the US.

A man is silhouetted against the arctic sea smoke rising off Lake Michigan in Chicago. Credit: Reuters

America is expecting its coldest temperatures in two decades, with meteorologists warning that temperatures were dangerously cold and life-threatening in some places.

A woman covers her head with a jacket as she walks though downtown Chicago. Credit: Reuters

Temperatures of -18 were recorded in Chicago - nicknamed "Chiberia" - St. Louis and Indianapolis, with the chill set to bear down on eastern and southern states as the day wears on.

A woman covers up in multiple layers for a walk in downtown Chicago. Credit: Reuters

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