Ed Balls: Tories should back 'compulsory jobs guarantee'

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has said that the Tories should back Labour's "compulsory jobs guarantee for young people".

In responding to George Osborne’s speech on the economy, he added: "George Osborne is desperate to stop talking about the cost-of-living crisis on his watch."

Ed Balls has criticised the Chancellor. Credit: Melville/PA Wire/Press Association Images

"The Tories should back our compulsory jobs guarantee for young people and the long-term unemployed.

"And in tough times it cannot be a priority to continue paying the winter fuel allowance to the richest five per cent of pensioners."

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Clegg: Osborne's spending cuts plan a 'monumental mistake'

Benefits for young people are to be targeted by the Chancellor as he seeks to cut £25bn from public spending, including £12bn from welfare. But Nick Clegg said it was a "monumental mistake" to make the working-age poor bear the brunt of the cuts.