CCTV footage 'impossible to watch without wincing'

A judge shown CCTV footage of a man who was treated like a "slave" being assaulted by members of the Rooke family said it was impossible to watch without wincing.

CCTV images of Craig Kinsella being pushed over and kicked.
Judge Peter Kelson QC said the Rooke family used Craig Kinsella like a 'punchbag' and treated him 'like a dog'. Credit: South Yorkshire Police handout
CCTV footage of Craig Kinsella being held by the throat.
The court heard Craig Kinsella was forced to live in a garage where he suffered regular beatings. Credit: South Yorkshire Police handout
David Rooke shown in CCTV images with Craig Kinsella.
David Rooke was jailed for six-and-a-half years after he admitted falsely imprisoning and attacking Mr Kinsella. Credit: South Yorkshire Police handout

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Sheffield home where man 'treated like dog' set alight

The home of a family of ice-cream sellers who treated a vulnerable man like a slave has been set alight. The Fire Service attended the Sheffield bungalow where the Rooke family subjected Craig Kinsella to the abuse last night.