David Cameron's hairdresser 'upset' after MBE jibes

David Cameron's hair stylist has said he earned his MBE. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire

Hair stylist Lino Carbosiero said he earned his MBE and was not given it solely for his work cutting the Prime Minister's hair.

Lino told the Mirror: “I’m a bit upset because hairdressers do a lot of work that people don’t know about.

“Since getting the award I’ve realised what you need to do to receive one of these things. It’s quite a long process and it goes though all these different committees.

“I’m quite honoured to think that people put me up for the work I’ve done in the Hairdressing Council trying to up the standards of hairdressing throughout the country and make people aware that you can open a salon tomorrow and cut people’s hair, as well as the charity work that I do.”

He added: “I’m the third hairdresser in the New Year’s Honours list, so it’s not just me, there are two others.”