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Nigella's ex-assistants: TV cook 'will always be loved'

Nigella Lawson's former personal assistants have told ITV's This Morning that although they may have won the court case, the celebrity chef has won the hearts of the British public.

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Grillo Sisters: 'We don't feel guilty about Nigella cocaine admission'

The Grillo sisters have said that they do not feel guilty that celebrity chef Nigella Lawson had to reveal in court that she had taken cocaine.

Elisabetta Grillo, who prefers to be referred to as Lisa, said: "I feel sorry that we ended up in that situation, that she had to admit that, but no, not guilty because her life [has nothing] to do with me."

Fransesca Grillo added: "We were in court, not to do with her drug use, [or] because we wanted her to be punished in any kind of way. And in her admitting - I think she was very brave to do so. But I didn't feel guilty."

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