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Cameron 'makes views on child benefits clear' with Polish PM

David Cameron has "made clear his long-standing view" on making changes to child benefit being paid to families abroad in a phone call with his Polish counterpart. Donald Tusk had accused him of 'singling out' Poles for criticism.

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Polish PM: 'We will veto any welfare changes'

Poland's prime minister Donald Tusk said Poland would fight the UK any changes to EU rules aimed at reducing welfare payments for any particular nationality rather than applying equally to citizens of all EU member states:

We will not agree to it if these are changes that would stigmatise any particular national minority.

Nobody has the right to single out Poles as a particular group that abuses or exploits something.

David Cameron had said he wanted new EU rules to limit access for migrants to their host countries' welfare payments, and pointed to Poles as an example of the potential for the rules to be abused.

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