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William returns to student life at Cambridge University

The Duke of Cambridge was welcomed by University of Cambridge officials as he began a 10-week course today.

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Professor: William should not be 'discriminated' against

Prince William should not be discriminated against because of the circumstances of his birth, a Cambridge University professor has said.

The university has been accused of giving special treatment to the Duke of Cambridge, who got ABC at A-level, but is to start an agricultural course there shortly.

Colleagues and I sometimes organise special courses for people from industry who want to learn about the latest research in our field. For this we charge them money.

Every academic has the right to do this, so it is completely unfair of people to criticise poor Borys [Cambridge’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz].

Whether they have any A-levels at all is no more relevant than the price of tea in China.

– Prof Ross Anderson, of Cambridge University

Speaking to the Cambridge News, Prof Ross Anderson, of Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory, defended the rights of his colleagues to produce specialist courses “for people who are prepared to pay for it”.

He added that they should “not be discriminated against on account of the circumstances of their birth”.

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