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Proposed 60mph zone 'could pave way' for lower speed limit

Motoring campaigners have warned that speed limits on motorways across the country could be lowered to 60mph after the Highways Agency proposed this on a section of the M1. The measure is designed to improve air quality.

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RAC: Lower speed limit would have 'negative impacts'

The RAC has said there would "negative impact on business efficiency and individual mobility" if a lower speed limit of 60mph was introduced more widely.

While preserving air quality is obviously a paramount concern there will inevitably be a negative impact on business efficiency and individual mobility.

This very powerfully demonstrates the impact that speed has on emissions and many will be surprised to hear that a reduction of just 10mph can have such a significant effect on improving air quality.

Perhaps the Government should be considering reintroduction of incentives to scrap older high polluting vehicles to minimise the need for speed restrictions of the type proposed.

– David Bizley, technical director, RAC

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