Judge: Family treated vulnerable man 'like a dog'

A judge sentencing the family who kept a man like a "slave" said they had treated him "like a dog".

Judge Peter Kelson QC told the defendants that Craig Kinsella's will "had been completely broken by the way you treated him".

CCTV footage shows Craig Kinsella being thrown about.
Judge Peter Kelson QC said CCTV footage of the abuse was 'impossible to watch without wincing'. Credit: South Yorkshire Police handout

Judge Kelson continued: "He was fed very little - fed by way of food left out. He was kept hungry. He was constantly beaten and battered.

"He was treated horrendously. He was treated like a dog. The conditions were grotesque and you were just exploiting him."

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Sheffield home where man 'treated like dog' set alight

The home of a family of ice-cream sellers who treated a vulnerable man like a slave has been set alight. The Fire Service attended the Sheffield bungalow where the Rooke family subjected Craig Kinsella to the abuse last night.