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Consumer Electronics Show launches in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show launches in Las Vegas today showcasing new technologies in areas as diverse as cameras and gaming, smart phones and wearable technology.

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Transformers director walks off stage at major launch

Film director Michael Bay walked out of a major product launch on the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas after appearing to be lost for words.

The director of the Transformers films and Pearl Harbour was speaking at the launch of Samsung's new curved TV when he stopped abruptly, saying: "The type is all off, sorry. I'll just wing this".

A Samsung executive then prompted him to ad lib with some questions, but the director apologised and walked off stage.

Michael Bay later explained on his website that he "got so excited to talk" that he skipped a line, causing the autocue to "get lost".

"I guess live shows aren't my thing," he added.

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