UK pays child benefit to 25,659 children in Poland

The Polish prime minister has criticised David Cameron for singling out Poland in his vow to ban British child benefit payments to children of EU migrants.

According to Treasury figures, over half the children in EU nations who receive child benefit are in Poland.


According to Treasury figures - the UK pays child benefit to 40,000 children living in another EU member state.


More child benefit figures: govt pays it to 13m children of which 40,171 live in EU (Poland 25,659, RoI 2,609, France 2,003, Slovakia 1,881)

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Cameron 'makes views on child benefits clear' with Polish PM

David Cameron has "made clear his long-standing view" on making changes to child benefit being paid to families abroad in a phone call with his Polish counterpart. Donald Tusk had accused him of 'singling out' Poles for criticism.