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Carole Duggan: Mark 'was just an ordinary man'

Carole Duggan, the aunt of Mark Duggan, has rubbished accusations her nephew was a 'gangster', telling ITV News he did not live a 'gangster lifestyle' and was "just an ordinary man. He struggled like any other working class person would do."

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Crowd chant 'who killed Mark Duggan?' at police

Met Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley was drowned out by protesters as he attempted to give a police statement outside court after the Mark Duggan inquest.

One protester approached him directly telling him: "You killed Mark Duggan."

You can read the statement was trying to make here: Senior Met officer wants to meet Mark Duggan's family

As he continued to speak police and security were required around him and can be heard telling the irate crowd to stand back.

The crowd continued to shout throughout the statement, at times chanting "who killed Mark Duggan?", and "murderers".

Warning: This video contains flash photography.

Click here for the full Mark Duggan inquest conclusions.

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