Schumacher's skis 'in perfect condition' when he set out

Michael Schumacher did not reduce his speed significantly after going off-piste prior to his accident, French prosecutors said.

ITV News Europe correspondent Emma Murphy reports:


#Schumacher skis were perfect and nearly new when he set out. Unlikely to be contributing factor of accident.


#Schumacher still difficult to know what speed he was going. He was trying to reduce speed to go down the off piste slope he was on.


#Schumacher investigators looking at what happened from a factual and legal basis. The helmet camera evidence will be crucial.


Michael Schumacher being brought out of coma

Michael Schumacher's family has confirmed that sedation of the former Formula One champion has been reduced to allow the 'start of the waking up process'. Schumacher suffered a serious head injury following a skiing accident in December.