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Online licence database could cut costs for motorists

Drivers could see a drop in their insurance premiums as a result of plans to make all driving licence records available in an online database. The cost of hiring a car could also drop as a result of the change.

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Database will allow insurers to 'price more accurately'

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has said that the move to put driving licence records online is part of a wider government drive to towards digital services.

It is great news that DVLA is about to launch online driving records which can be used by anyone with a driving licence as well as by the insurance industry.

This will enable insurers, for example, to price much more accurately, because they will not have to take anything on trust.

When people say what their endorsements are on their licences you can check it so you can price much more accurately so you can reduce the cost of insurance for most people.

– Francis Maude, cabinet office minister

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