Fidel Castro makes rare public appearance

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro made a surprise appearance at the opening of a Havana cultural centre sponsored by one of his favourite Cuban artists.

Fidel Castro has made a rare public appearance. Credit: RTV

State television broadcast images of the bearded, grey haired Cuban leader arriving at the cultural centre to the applause of local residents.

The reclusive 87-year-old was last seen in public in April 2013 at the inauguration of a school in Havana.

Castro lives in a villa on the outskirts of Havana where he regularly receives guests, but photos are rare and only occasionally do his writings appear in the local media.

It is the first public appearance Castro has made since April 2013. Credit: RTV

Castro governed the Caribbean island for 48 years before falling gravely ill in 2006 and handing power to his brother Raul Castro, who officially became president in 2008.