Downing Street dismisses call for Tesco boycott

Downing Street has dismissed calls for a boycott of British retailer Tesco after David Cameron said he wanted to stop Polish migrants sending home child benefits.

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Jan Bury, leader of Poland's junior coalition party said Cameron's policies were "unfriendly and scandalous" towards Poles.

"As Poles, we can also say 'no' to prime minister Cameron and his policies. We call on Poles to boycott British retailer Tesco."

Mr Cameron's official spokesman dismissed the calls as electioneering. He said:

"I have seen reports about that sort of thing. There are elections going on in Poland at the moment."

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Cameron 'makes views on child benefits clear' with Polish PM

David Cameron has "made clear his long-standing view" on making changes to child benefit being paid to families abroad in a phone call with his Polish counterpart. Donald Tusk had accused him of 'singling out' Poles for criticism.