Rathband inquest 'doesn't change anything'

The inquest in Pc David Rathband's test has not revealed anything new, Tony Horne said. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

A friend of the late Pc David Rathband, who was blinded by Raoul Moat and later committed suicide, has hit out an inquest into his death, claiming it was used by "certain people setting out their position before any civil action".

Tony Horne, who wrote Rathband's autobiography, was highly critical of the inquest and called the focus on the late policeman's affair with a 7/7 survivor "a smokescreen".

"The suicide inquest doesn't change anything at all. We all know that David committed suicide, so in many ways the inquest of the last few days has been nothing more than certain parties setting out their position before any civil action."