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Some asylum seekers in housing 'to which they are not entitled'

Some asylum seekers who claimed to be without a penny were found with "indications of prosperity", when they were being housed in publicly-funded accommodation, according to a Government report.

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Concerns over asylum seeker housing

Some asylum seekers are living in publicly-funded housing when they could afford more, a Parliament watchdog has found.

Some asylum seekers are taking publicly-funded housing from the truly destitute, the NAO found. Credit: PA

An investigation by the National Audit Office (NAO) found some asylum seekers had "indicators of wealth" when they had claimed to be "destitute".

This was taking away housing from other refugees who were genuinely without a penny to their name, the NAO said.

As of April last year, the Home Office provided accommodation for around 23,000 asylum seekers with around 60% receiving financial support from the department.

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