Boyzone's Keith Duffy ready to take the plunge on Splash!

Keith Duffy has spoken about his struggles dealing with dizziness during his diving training Credit: Press Association

Boyzone star Keith Duffy has described his struggles dealing with dizziness as he practises for celebrity diving show Splash!

The singer who will take part in tonight's live heat said: "It's pretty scary, I can tell you. It reminds me of the early days with Boyzone when I did a bungee jump from 400 feet in Florida.

"The first feeling you get on the 10 metre board is one of unbalance and dizziness, to the point where you feel you're being dragged over the edge.

Duffy also said he had experienced some painful mishaps during training: "I have done a couple of belly flops, and they're really not very nice. It's like someone hitting you very hard with a wet fish. I don't want to do that again."

He will be joined by Toyah Willcox and TV presenter Paul Ross among others in tonight's show.

Watch Splash! on ITV at 7.00pm