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Govt dismisses Iraq 'war crime' claim for alleged abuses

William Hague has dismissed a bid to trigger prosecutions of British politicians and senior military figures over alleged war crimes in Iraq. The ICC has been asked to investigate alleged abuses by British troops, the Independent on Sunday reported.

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Ministry of Defence 'rejects' claims of Iraq 'abuse'

The Ministry of Defence has rejected the suggestion that UK armed forces "systematically tortured" Iraqi detainees, according to the Independent on Sunday, which reported that a complaint had been filed with the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the allegations.

An MoD spokesman said:

These matters are either under thorough investigation or have been dealt with through various means including through the Iraq Historic Allegations Team, independent public inquiries, the UK and European courts and in Parliament.

As such, further action through the ICC is unnecessary when the issues and allegations are already known to the UK Government, action is in hand and the UK courts have already issued judgments.

We reject the suggestion the UK's Armed Forces – who operate in line with domestic and international law – have systematically tortured detainees.

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