Ancient forest uncovered by fierce storms

The remains of an ancient forest has been uncovered by a week of severe new year storms.

Hidden under a dense pebble bank sea defence, the ancient forest became visible on the beach at Newgale, west Wales, only after the severe weather had died down.

The storm revealed the hidden forest. Credit: Pembrokeshire Coastal Park Authority/PA Wire

Archaeologists from the National Park Authority (NPA) are now battling against time to ensure that vulnerable parts of the submerged forest are protected.

Phil Bennett, NPA culture and heritage manager, said: "The storms and high seas have pushed the pebble bank back and scoured the sand, exposing the remains of this woodland. We have been able to identify some recognisable timbers from the Mesolithic period.

"Ten thousand years ago this woodland area would have been visited by hunter gatherer bands from time to time, looking for game and collecting edible plants, nuts and berries as these resources became available during the year."

Council workers are now covering the most vulnerable parts of the forest with pebbles, as extended exposure to the sun will dry it out and it will be lost.