Missing cat reunited with owner after two years

A cat, which was missing for two years, has been reunited with its family after it was found just seven miles away in a neighbouring village.

Georgina Niner's missing three-year old cat Dusty pictured as a kitten Credit: SWNS

The cat, named Dusty, went missing in September 2011 after visiting the local vets to be neutered.

Owner Georgina Niner, 20, from Cornwall was reunited with her pet earlier this month after Dusty turned up on the doorstep of Lesley Clarke who lives in a nearby Tideford.

"I was very upset. We gave up hope. I never thought we would see her again," said Niner.

''She was hungry but apart from that she was in good condition. I am so pleased there has been a happy ending," said Clarke, 65.