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Groundbreaking gene therapy restores vision to two men

Groundbreaking gene therapy has restored vision to two men with a rare inherited eye disease who were expected to go blind.

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Patient 'grateful' after gene therapy improves eyesight

Jonathan Wyatt, who has a rare inherited eye disease, is one of the participants of a landmark gene therapy to treat blindness.

The 65-year-old barrister said learning he was going blind was a "sledgehammer blow" but there has been "substantial improvement" in his left eye which was treated as part of the trial.

The technique works by replacing a defective gene in the eye Credit: The Lancet

"Now when I watch a football match on the TV, if I look at the screen with my left eye alone, it is as if someone has switched on the floodlights. The green of the pitch is brighter, and the numbers on the shirts are much clearer.

"I am extremely grateful to Professor MacLaren and his splendid team for all the care I received as a “guinea pig” in this groundbreaking research".

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