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Hague: No privacy breaches over 'text message snooping'

The Foreign Secretary has insisted he has seen no proof of any privacy breaches after reports that British spies are able to look at millions of captured text messages. The claims were made in the latest leaks by ex-US spy contractor Edward Snowden.

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Vodafone to contact Govt over 'text snooping' reports

Communications giant Vodafone said they would contact the Government over reports that British spies have access to hundreds of millions of text messages and added they were "shocked and surprised" by the allegations.

What you're describing sounds concerning to us because the regime that we are required to comply with is very clear and we will only disclose information to governments where we are legally compelled to do so, won't go beyond the law and comply with due process.

But what you're describing is something that sounds as if that's been circumvented.

And for us as a business this is anathema because our whole business is founded on protecting privacy as a fundamental imperative.

We're going to be contacting the Government and are going to be challenging them on this. From our perspective, the law is there to protect our customers and it doesn't sound as if that is what is necessarily happening.

– Stephen Deadman, group privacy officer at Vodafone Group, told Channel 4 News

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