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Foreign leaders welcome Obama's NSA reforms

Foreign leaders have welcomed US President Barack Obama's announcement on plans to curb the National Security Authority's powers. US agencies will only use bulk collection of data to fight terrorism, protect troops and allies, and combat crime.

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Big Brother Watch: Britain 'lagging behind on privacy'

The British Government has been urged to follow Barack Obama's example in increasing the oversight and accountability of intelligence agencies.

Nick Pickles, the director of privacy campaigners Big Brother Watch, said that Britain was "lagging behind" the US in terms of surveillance.

President Obama recognised public debate had been insufficient and that law has failed to keep pace with technological change. Both of these issues are more pronounced in Britain, but go unaddressed by the agencies.

President Obama emphasised the need for judicial oversight by courts, greater transparency by the Government and companies and for the legal basis of surveillance programmes to be public. All of these issues should be pursued in Britain to protect our privacy and our economy.

– Nick Pickles, Director of Big Brother Watch

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