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Foreign leaders welcome Obama's NSA reforms

Foreign leaders have welcomed US President Barack Obama's announcement on plans to curb the National Security Authority's powers. US agencies will only use bulk collection of data to fight terrorism, protect troops and allies, and combat crime.

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  1. Robert Moore

Obama's NSA reforms a 'personal victory' for Snowden

This was the long awaited speech by the President on the limits of data collection and intelligence gathering. Of course, prompted by the spectacular leaks by the NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The President made no apology for US spying, but he acknowledges that there has been a breach of privacy and in trust. So he made promises to America's friends and allies around the world.

I think it is fair to say that somewhere in Russia or wherever he is hiding, Snowden himself will see this as something of a personal victory for it is crystal clear that this speech and this national debate that is going on across America would not be happening without Snowden's intervention.

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