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Foreign leaders welcome Obama's NSA reforms

Foreign leaders have welcomed US President Barack Obama's announcement on plans to curb the National Security Authority's powers. US agencies will only use bulk collection of data to fight terrorism, protect troops and allies, and combat crime.

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USA needs to 'rebuild trust' after spy controversy

The European Commission has said Barack Obama's reforms to the National Security Agency are important steps towards rebuilding trust between the US and the EU.

President Obama has ordered curbs on practices by US intelligence agencies, promising to end the surveillance of world leaders and officials.

U.S. President Barack Obama has come under pressure to reform his country's National Security Agency. Credit: Reuters

"Trust in EU-US data flows has been affected by revelations on these intelligence programmes and needs to be rebuilt. In recognising the need for action, President Obama has taken important steps towards rebuilding that trust," a statement from the European Commission read.

The existence of the US intelligence programme that allegedly monitored the phone of Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel concerned EU leaders.

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