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Controversial Wetherspoons pub opens on M40 motorway

A controversial new JD Wetherspoon pub opens at a motorway service station in Buckinghamshire today. The Hope and Champion in Beaconsfield will be open from 4am to 1am seven days a week.

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Britain's first motorway services pub: Your views

The debut pint has just been served at Britain's first motorway services pub - but should it be allowed there in the first place? Here are some of your views:

Nick Chapman: "Guaranteed drinking and driving."

Andrew Hadfield: "Wetherspoons also do good cheap meals which is what you want at a sevice station. Will now go to Wetherspoons for a meal and a coke. It wouldn't make me drink and drive."

The Wetherspoons pub opened this morning Credit: PA

Matthew Agar Hutton: "Accident waiting to happen."

Claire Butler: "They'll be putting car parks in pubs next! Oh wait..."

Trudi Materna: "I think the M&S and Waitrose supermarkets at the service stations sell wine don't they? How's this any different/worse really?"

The first pint was served at the Hope and Champion this morning Credit: ITV News/Richard Pallot

Deb's Withers: "Why do you have to go in a pub to drink alcohol? Thay serve really nice coffee and lovely food which makes a change from over-priced soggy sandwiches."

Amanda Andrews: "Booze is freely available at service stations, if people wanted to get drunk they will."

Nikki Williams: "Ridiculous if you ask me. If someone driving on a motorway wanted a drink and had to hunt to find a pub they wouldn't bother. And someone who is already tired and has a drink is just an accident waiting to happen. How this was allowed I don't know."

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