Clegg thanks MPs for 'measured tone' over Rennard row


Nick Clegg has just left "The Grey Room" on committee corridor where he's been meeting Lib Dem MPs & Lords about #Rennard fiasco


Clegg told his MPs the he stood by his decision to back the report which found #Rennard accusers were "credible" & demanded he apologise


Clegg thanks his MPs for their "measured tone" over #Rennard fiasco: "It's very difficult to confront the past and pursue a new culture"

Video: former Liberal leader Lord Steel calls for Lord Rennard to be reinstated


Nick Clegg insists he won't back down in Lord Rennard row

Nick Clegg has insisted he will not back down on his demands for Lord Rennard to apologise to women who made allegations about his behaviour. The party's former chief executive has launched legal action to block a second internal inquiry.