Inquiry: Tory MP should have made objections clear

The Conservatives' internal inquiry into MP Aidan Burley said that despite accepting that he left the dinner in protest at one guest raising a Nazi-themed toast, he failed to make it "explicitly clear" that he objected.

"Given the standards expected of a Member of Parliament, he should have done so."

After the incident was made public in 2011, the Conservative MP Aidan Burley wrote a letter to the Jewish Chronicle in which he claimed he "wished I left as soon as I had realised what was happening."

On reflection, I wish I had left as soon as I had realised what was happening. What was happening was wrong and I should have completely dissociated myself from it.

I had a choice, and I made the wrong choice NOT to leave.

I apologise for this error of judgment.

– Aidan Burley to the Jewish Chronicle

Tory inquiry says MP was 'stupid' but not racist over Nazi-themed stag do


Tory MP's regret over Nazi-themed stag party in France

A Conservative MP who organised a Nazi-themed stag party in France in 2011 has apologised once again for the incident, after an internal party inquiry found that he was "stupid and offensive" but not racist.