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Lottery appeal for mystery millionaires to collect winnings

The National Lottery are appealing for eight would-be millionaires to come forward to collect their winnings before 11pm tonight or face losing their prize. A 100 UK Millionaires Raffle was held last summer and only 92 winners came forward.

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The raffle codes of eight winning lottery tickets

Eight ticket-holders have until 11pm tonight to claim £1 million or face missing out on their lottery winnings.

On July 26 last year, a National Lottery draw saw 100 UK EuroMillions players win £1 million but only 92 of the prizes have been claimed.

Every EuroMillions ticket came with a code that automatically entered players into the UK Millionaires Raffle. Here are the winning codes and where the tickets were bought:

  • Fife: CZZ474287
  • Bristol: BZQ259280
  • Blackpool and Borough of Fylde: CZZ930051
  • East Dunbartonshire: CBT475280
  • Gloucester: CBW665037
  • Bolton: CBS004223
  • Brighton and Hove: BZP410507
  • Havering in London: CBS076276

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