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World Health Organisation warning over E-cigarette toxins

The World Health Organisation has told ITV's Tonight that more research is needed into the toxins consumed by those using electronic cigarettes. Manufacturers say there also needs to be more regulation of the industry.

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Manufacturer: Unregulated E-cigarettes 'vary in quality'

Nicotine liquid seen in an electronic cigarette. Credit: ABACA

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have told ITV's Tonight their industry is not regulated and there can be varying quality of products.

Long Xiaobing, CEO of an E-Cig company in Shenzhen, Southern China makes ten million electronic cigarettes a year.

He told Tonight: "Currently, lots of products in this market are not regulated and products vary in quality."

Another E-cigarette maker, Hua Ou, said: "There is no standard available to regulate them. So the market is in a bit of chaos now. Currently many E-cigarettes are made quite similar, with low quality. These are very serious problems."

Both manufacturers insist their own products are good quality, yet they are well placed to make judgements on the wider market.

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