Mother warns of 'toxic digital world' after teen's death

The mother of a teenager who killed herself after becoming obsessed with online self-harm and suicidal blogs has condemned the “toxic digital world” that contributed to her death.

Aspiring dancer Tallulah Wilson, 15, died after throwing herself under a train at St Pancras Station in October 2012.

Speaking as an inquest jury concluded she took life, her mother Sarah Wilson said: "Her sisters and I did everything we could to keep her safe, but she had fallen into a world of nightmares.

"She was in the clutches of a toxic digital world where in the final few weeks we could no longer reach her."

"My family has suffered an irretrievable loss and would now appreciate some time to reflect and come to terms with a world eclipsed without Tallulah, but every parent needs to be aware of the dangers of the internet and what their children may be viewing online."