Account over Hancock sex claims described as 'credible'

Master Leslie, a High Court official, ruled disclosure of a report into councillor and former Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock was necessary so that the woman could feel she had "a fair hearing and a fair crack of the whip".

Councillor and MP Mike Hancock. Credit: ITV News

The report was written by Nigel Pascoe QC, who was asked by the city council to investigate the allegations for code of conduct proceedings.

The woman, a female constituent and a young mother, says Mr Hancock made "unwelcome sexual approaches". The leaked, redacted version of the report describes the account she gave as "credible".


Hancock's 'victim' recorded call to Clegg's office in 2011

ITV News has obtained a recording of the call a woman made to Nick Clegg's office in June 2011 following up on a letter she says she wrote three months earlier detailing allegations of sexual misconduct against MP Mike Hancock. He denies the claims.