Four-year-old boy Sean Turner's parents demand inquiry

The parents of the four-year-old boy who died after heart surgery have demanded a public inquiry into the care he received on a controversial hospital ward.

The parents of Sean Turner, Steve and Yolanda Turner outside Avon Coroner's Court Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Steve and Yolanda Turner said they had heard evidence about their son Sean's treatment that was "shocking and unacceptable" and only a public inquiry would unearth the truth.

"Sean suffered a lot of failings in his care. We feel at every level the ward did not recognise his deterioration and that led to the complications that led to his death," said Sean's mother, Yolanda.

Yesterday, at the end of the 10-day inquest Avon coroner Maria Voisin said there were "lost opportunities" in the little boy's care but it did not amount to neglect. Chief executive of the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust apologised to the Turners and said changes had been made.

"We feel there is much more that needs investigating and the coroner's inquest didn't do that fully," added Yolanda Turner