Grammar expert backs campaign to 'correct' street signs

A grammar expert has supported a campaign to "correct" street signs where an apostrophe appears to be missing, after a local council banned the punctuation mark.

A street sign on Scholars' Walk in Cambridge which has been corrected using marker pens Credit: PA

Cambridge City Council ruled that apostrophes should be removed from street signs to avoid confusing emergency services, but the city's Good Grammar Company warned "if they take our apostrophes, commas will be next."

Director Kathy Salaman said she "fully supported" grammar campaigners who have been using black marker pens to fill in the missing apostrophes and said that leaving apostrophes out of signs could confuse children and teach them that grammar isn't important.

She added: "If I was walking along with a marker pen in my pocket and I saw a missing apostrophe, it would be difficult to resist the temptation to fill it in."

The council has said it is following guidelines from the National Land and Property Gazetteer, where all new street names are registered.

The street naming policy - which does not apply to existing street signs - also bans names which would be "difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell' and any which "could give offence" or would "encourage defacing of nameplates".