Police officer punished after 'speeding' with prisoner

A police officer has had his licence suspended after being accused of reaching speeds of 140mph in a bid to show a prisoner how powerful his car was.

A police officer has been disciplined after he was accused of speeding while transporting a prisoner (file photo) Credit: PA

The prisoner, who was being taken from Leeds to Darlington, chatted to the officer who was driving him about the marked BMW they were travelling in and its "powerful motor", The Northern Echo reported.

After asking the Pc how fast the car could go, the officer was said to have replied "I'll show you" or "let's see" and accelerated to twice the legal speed limit.

Once the pair arrived at Darlington Police Station, the prisoner promptly told the officer at the custody desk how fast they had been going.

Superintendent Darren Ellis, head of professional standards and legal services, said the force was aware of the prisoner's complaint that the police car was "driven at an excess, and inappropriate speed" and was taking the allegation "very seriously".

He said that as well as having his licence suspended, the Pc has been moved permanently from roads policing duties, formally sanctioned under the Police Misconduct Procedures and is subject to an "action plan" concerning risk management and decision making.

"He will have to go through a driving school reassessment before returning to full operational duties," Superintendent Ellis added.