Rio sewage protesters take toilets for beach sit-in

A protester eats his lunch on a toilet on the beach. Credit: APTN

Activists sat on toilets along Rio de Janeiro's famed Ipanema beach to protest against the lack of basic sanitation in the Brazilian city.

The protest organisers, Meu Rio (My Rio), said the toilets represented the thousands of litres of untreated sewage that ends up into the sea waters of Rio everyday.

Another protester on the toilet. Credit: APTN

Activists carved out silhouettes of bacteria and other micro-organisms, carried to the beach in sewage, on the sand.

These beaches are set to host several of Rio's events at the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics.

Rio's state government has pledged that the city's waterways will be clean in time for the 2016 Olympics.

The city's Olympic committee has promised that pollution will also be reduced.

A protester's sign reads: 'Bacteria are going to invade you beach' Credit: APTN